I will be pleased to recommand it further

Dear Mr. Weber, the feeling of being able to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses is simply not to describe. To undergo an eye surgery in a foreign country is a very hard decision. Due to the recommendation of a friend I came across to you. After you gave me a detailed explanation per mail and telephone I could make up my mind after all. Since then, two weeks had passed and a three-day stay in Istanbul turned into a complete success for me. Mr. Muzaffer, a very competent and a good “Take Care of” person there, was present by all the preliminary examinations and the surgery as well. It is important to say that the partner clinic in Istanbul has a very high quality standard. The best qualified doctors and the most advanced laser technology make people feel safer. It was very pleasant even for me to stay for a night in the clinic because the service was very good and the rooms were clean and functionally. I found i-Lasik surgery through your organization and your partner clinic and I will be pleased to recommend it further. Thank you very much and best regards Eduard iLasik Testimonial