The BATI GÖZ Eye Center is one of Turkey’s leading center for eye health care

Eye Clinic Istanbul Bati Göz

BATI GÖZ eye clinic

The BATI GÖZ eye center is one of the largest private medical care facility with qualified and experienced physicians and surgeons offering world class solutions to eye problems in its branches in Turkey. In the last 10 years the BATI GÖZ eye center made a significant progress.

Today every year over thousands of foreign patients are travelling to Turkey in order to get a medical treatment in the eye clinics of the BATI GÖZ eye center. With perseverance and quality service the BATI GÖZ eye clinic has established itsself and hopes to continue this growth and strive towards excellence. The holding plans for further expansions in Turkey and Europe and establish more clinics that are well equipped with excellent facilities. In order to meet with this demand, it has made a great investment financially to provide its patients with the best services. The BATI GÖZ eye clinic is ISO certified.

Your eyes are in the hands of one of the most experienced laser eye specialists

Dr. Methiye Önder

Dr. Methiye Önder

The BATI GÖZ Eye Center is one of the best places with modern amenities and a true caring environment. It is comprised of a team of professional doctors and surgeons who have extensive experience in dealing with vision problems and finding custom-made solutions for patients who come from across Turkey and Europe.

The BATI GÖZ Center uphold the greatest standards and have some state-of-the-art equipment that helps in performing operations and surgical procedures that are the best in the world. The BATI GÖZ Center carry out around 50 examinations and perform approximately 25 operations on a daily basis.

Patients know the BATI GÖZ Center clinics for what they are, a caring, dedicated and friendly team of professionals who always prioritize the comfort and convenience of their patients. World class service and proper medical attention will leave you feeling happy satisfied and, above all, give you the best value for your money.

Dr. Mehmet Söyler

Dr. Mehmet Söyler

The Chief of Department of Refractive Surgery, Dr. Mehmet Söyler, has performed more than 30.000 Lasik surgeries and belongs to the most experienced eye specialists in Turkey.

He is member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and the European Society of Refractive Surgery and Cararact (ESCRS).

In the past years he as published over 50 scientific articles and publications.

His areas of expertise are: Laser Eye Surgery, iLasik, Cataract Surgery, Cornea, Keratoconus, Prespyopia.

State-of-the-art CARL ZEISS VisuMax Laser Technology “made in Germany”

Carl Zeiss VisuMax


Unlike any other excimer laser manufacturer, CARL ZEISS has been involved in the development of laser vision correction technology from the beginning. In many respects, it can be reasonably stated that CARL ZEISS ‘invented’ laser vision correction. Many of its founders conceived of, enhanced or patented the core concepts of laser vision correction.

The success of CARL ZEISS, when compared to all other competing laser platforms past or present, has been primarily founded upon an unparalleled commitment and investment in Research and Development efforts in the field of Laser Vision Correction technology. Today these efforts are represented by their achievement of the capacity for delivering the most sophisticated Custom Wavefront procedures in the world.

Best value for your money

One important reason why patient choose Turkey for their laser eye surgery is the competetive price for the Lasik surgery. The patient indeed gets the best value for his money.

The costs for an advanced blade-free IntraLase treatment are only 1390 Euros for both eyes including medication, free airport transfer and 2 nights free accommodation.

Health Travels is always at your side

Health Travels

Health Travels

Health Travels is one of the leading medical tourism companies in Istanbul. We have established professional relationships with key hospitals and expert doctors to ensure you receive high quality treatment.

Our core expertise lies in the areas of refractive and plastic surgery. These mainly include laser eye treatments and hair transplants.

With our head office in Istanbul and a representative office in Germany, we do not operate only as mediators but also as a personal local contact in Turkey. The patient from abroad always has a “Health Travels” staff at his side.