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After being decided to make i-Lasik surgery in Istanbul, I wanted to dedicate myself to sightseeing in the city. So we booked a private apartment in the center of Istanbul and walked through the streets with no hurry. The date of the Lasik surgery was arranged on the end of our stay. We were picked up by a shuttle bus of a clinic where we became acquainted with Muzzafer, a person who took care of us. In the clinic we made all the examinations through accompanied all the time by Mr. Muzzafer who translated very carefully and whom I out of sheer nervousness chattered the whole time with. After being heard, there’s something that needs to be examined more closely, I thought the surgery will be postponed or something like that, but it was all right then and Dr. Efekan Coskunseven fixed the time for the surgery. In the afternoon I went with Muzzafer in the surgery hall and it got started. I could scarcely wait till I finally could see without glasses. The clinic made a very tidy and clean impression on me and the staff there was very nice and courteous. This impression helped me to confirm my plans regarding surgery. The surgery itself was very quick and I could soon go back to our apartment. After I had took the eye drops and slept for a while, I woke up and ran at once to the window and could not believe it: I could already read the names of the shops and without glasses. The next day after a follow-up examination I received a message from Dr. Efekan Coskunseven that everything had gone well and I could leave the hospital after a while – with sunglasses. I will recommend this i-Lasic surgery further organized by Health Travels because everything was organized very carefully and I could always keep in touch with a contact person. Keep going in that way and I want to thank Muzzafer from all my heart. Sunny greetings from Mallorca Ina Chartschenko