What is Wavefront?

Wavefront laser eye surgery is a customized treatment that achieves better treatment than standard laser treatment. It enables the surgeon to find customized treatment options for conventional procedures to suit each patients needs. It is a better alternative to the former notion of “one treatment suits all.” Thus, it enables tailor-made solutions for each patient, which is important because all patients do not have the same standard eye problems or needs.

Wavefront is based on the fact that every eye is unique and a standard procedure cannot be applied to all patients for treatment. Those differences between patients created the need to look for a new option. In this quest, the Wavefront technology was developed. It uses an excimer laser for vision correction. It enables the surgeon to find unique correction solutions to imperfections of each patient’s eye, providing them with better vision. Wavefront technology began as a new technology to control distortions in sophisticated telescopes while viewing distant objects and then found its way into the eye surgery field. The surgeon can now accurately identify, measure, and eliminate imperfections much more easily than conventional treatments would allow.

Wavefront treatment is a big boon to patients with higher-order aberrations, large pupils or poor night time vision. It helps with the reduction of glares and halos.

Wavefront Treatment Procedure

  1. Wave Scan Capture – Data of the progress of 8,000 waves as they pass through the eyes is captured and measured to identify the higher-order aberrations.
  2. Analyzing Data – The wave scan capture data of the differences in the wave paths is transferred and analyzed for treating the eye.
  3. Accurate Treatment and Results – The 8,000 data points are used to correct each part of the corneal surface so as to eliminate distortion and enable better focus. The higher-order aberrations are eliminated.

Benefits of Wavefront

Safety and Precision – Safety and precision are the key factors in the use of Wavefront treatment while providing optimum treatment of the eye aberrations. The high speed tracker follows the eye movement accurately during treatment and hence keeps the laser accurately centered. It accurately applies the laser to the intended area of the cornea. The accuracy of the guided laser enables only the right amount of tissue to be removed, keeping the maximum structural strength of the eye intact. The precise measurements enable better vision improvement. The clinical outcome of treatment is superior and of remarkable quality in vision enhancement. Following surgery through Wavefront, most patients globally have found immense improvement in their vision.