Looking back I regret almost that I had not decided to make this surgery in Turkey earlier.

In Germany I have already informed myself in advance whether such a Lasik surgery is possible by my pronounced failing eyesight (-7 diopters). After receiving a positive response and having a cost shock at the same time, I came across different suppliers in Turkey among them was Health Travels which presented the most serious content on the website. After having a consultation on telephone and taking into consideration the knowledge of my friends, who had this surgery behind them, that 90% of the whole work takes over the computer, the most of my concerns were dispelled. After arriving in Turkey, transfer from the airport was no problem. The clinic was new and modern with appealing patients’ rooms. All this made a trustworthy impression. The care provided through Health Travels during the treatment was splendid, they gave us an interpreter – other foreign patients were worse off there. The preliminary examinations were exactly the same that I had in Germany. Und the surgery itself was quick and seemed to be uncomplicated. I will not withhold that in an hour after the surgery strong pain occurred, which could not to be underestimated. They lasted 5 hours, then I felt asleep and the next morning I felt no pain and I could see right clear (I could even read at a small distance). I definitely see it as an advantage that I could communicate with the clinic staff who although spoke English very badly but they could help me any time I asked them for something. To stay for a night directly in the clinic and to take only for 2 floors the elevator to fall into bed was something I enjoyed very much. In Germany I had to take a taxi and get alone with aching eyes and eye drops – and I really would have no pleasure in it all. I found it very professional that the chief doctor of the clinic refused to make a surgery by one patient and the surgery was not possible because of wearing contact lenses by a patient too long (I know no further details). I found remarkably that the doctor preferred to be honest and not to crave for money. Looking back I regret almost that I had not decided to make this surgery in Turkey earlier. Alexander Cerveney