I would do everything like this again

For a long time I have played with the idea to have laser eye surgery, because it was always too much effort for me to put on glasses or contact lenses (with accessories) all the time. When travelling (frequently) or even when doing my daily sports, I had to change between lenses and glasses often and this felt after a time very annoying. For this reason I decided to opt for laser-OP and I informed myself about different hospitals in Istanbul. A friend recommended to book the journey through an agency and so I decided for health travels. I booked the flight for me and my plus one and my desired date was confirmed without problems by Mr Weber. Through Health travels, we booked a double room at the Hilton Hotel, which I can only recommend - great hotel! 3 days before departure I got all the important documents from Mr Weber and then the journey eventually started. In Istanbul, a very very pleasant driver picked us from the airport on time and drove us to the hotel. From there he also picked us up again the next morning at 9 o'clock (with some delay, but after a short telephone consultation with Mr Weber this also has worked out well - so all the best) and drove us to the hospital. In the Eye Clinic I was received by a German-speaking employee in reception and for the whole day there were this one alongside another German speaking staff to assist us. Then I had to fill in some forms and over a period of approximately 3 hours different examinations on my eyes took place. Then I had a discussion with the treating doctor (insanely nice!), who confirmed that I was suitable for the laser-OP and thus I opted for the iLasik. The doctor was talking to me in English and technical terms he spoke in Turkish, which the girls then translated. Following that we had a lunch break for about 3 hours in which we went to the shopping mall across the road to go shopping and grab a bite to eat. Since I have been given pupil-magnifying drops when I was examined, I was quite sensitive to light - this sets itself down with time, but never forget sunglasses! In the clinic, we had been assigned a hospital room in which we were also allowed to spend time in during the lunch break and also in which I waited on my laser-OP. Before the operation I received all important medicines and an eye-drops plan for the days that followed. At 4 P.M, I was picked up for the laser-OP. I have been given galoshes and a head cover was put on my head, then I got a painkiller and eye drops and eventually I went into the OP. There I found the doctor and an assistant, and my German language translator was also by my side the entire time. I laid down on a chair and got a cover for my face, only the treated eye was free. Then I was again given eye drops and the doctor explained the process to me, step by step. First it was the so-called “flap” was lasered, on both sides, which took a total of about 5 minutes including preparation, it does not hurt! You only feel a slight pressure on the eye, since a “lid-blockage” holds the eye. Then comes the second laser which adapts the dioptre, which lasted a total of approximately 2 minutes. Here too there is no pain! The doctor spoke to me the whole time with me and at no point in time did I feel unsafe or in pain. Protection lenses were then put in both of my eyes and the doctor examined my eyes once more. Everything was great! It took even less 10 minutes until I was lead back into my room. There I could rest for half an hour and then the driver drove us back to the hotel (around 6 pm). I still had a slight pressure in the head and was extremely light-sensitive, but everything else was super and I could actually see sharply already! But then I wanted in the hotel room I wanted to just sit in the dark and I had to take different drops every hour. Sleep was not a problem and the next morning I was as happy as a Snow King [German Saying], as I looked out of the window! Without glasses a super-sharp view!!!! Everything superb, and at 10 a.m. the driver picked us up again and brought me to be examined in the clinic. There they removed the protective lenses and again everything was checked. It is all the best! Then we went sightseeing in Istanbul and I tested my new vision immediately! Everything super, but you are still a bit sensitive to bright light. On the last day the driver picked us up back from the hotel and took us to the airport - a great service! Since then, 1 week has passed and I need daily drops and am sometimes still a little bit light sensitive (still not allowed to do any sports and no water and makeup in the face), but it is great and it is just a great relief not to have to think to remember glasses or lenses! The stay in Istanbul was great, I would do everything like this again at any time and can only recommend it! Isabel iLasik Testimonial