I am still thrilled about my new sight!

My OP has now happened nearly three weeks ago and I am still thrilled about my new sight! Beginning from the online research for health travels up to the adoption in the clinic in Istanbul: I am totally satisfied! I have felt well cared-for from the beginning and the team in the clinic has confirmed my excitement. It was no problem that the pick-up service picked up a group of 5 people- my whole family was with me- from the airport to our apartment (we organized accommodation ourselves) in the old town. The next day I was picked up at an early time to be driven to the clinic. I was received by the German speaking staff member Gökce Aktas, the person who very well looked after me for the next days. Her and her nice colleagues are always on the side of the foreign patients, so that all the steps are explained and questions easily answered, without any problems. The examinations occur step-by-step in highly modern equipment. Then I got to know my doctor who evaluated the tests and then advised me. The cordiality and especially the expertise of the whole team has caused that I had absolutely no nervousness. After I decided for the i-Lasik I had a few hours before the OP in the afternoon. In the spare time I was with Gökce on the roof terrace drinking tea and got to know other patients. The then upcoming OP went quite quickly and easily [without complications]. The team and the doctor acted very carefully and professionally and it did not take long until I could tell the difference from before. I received several eye drops from Gökce and a plan on how I should take them. Back in my accommodation I was asleep pretty fast, because my eyes were still a little irritated and were burning a little. Then I woke up early and when looked out the window, I literally could not believe my eyes: I could read car license plate from about a 200 meters distance (and this continues until today)! During the post-examinations in the clinic the doctor was very happy with the results. 0.00 Dptr. on both eyes! I can finally say big thank you to all who brought me a new feeling of life!!! Christian Moths Christian iLasik testimonial